Celebrating 30 years of the very best in international recruitment in Fintech – Data – ESG


30 Years as a Recruitment and Global Executive Search Agency

We are a global executive search agency focused on Fintech, Data, ESG, and Index. Passionate about these markets, we have a genuine interest in the sectors in which we operate.

For over 30 years now, we had followed the Fintech market — since before it was called Fintech! We are slightly geeky about our sector, and love information, data and the infrastructure that fuels the financial markets and business.


Committed to Our Clients and Candidates

We are obsessed with finding the right people for the right roles and companies and are invested in a long-term partnership.

In addition to this, providing information and data to the market is a critical part of what we do. With our long experience in the fintech headhunting market, we have incredibly strong networks. We use this network to consult our clients and candidates about current trends and developments in our sector.


Finding Equilibrium in the Markets

This is an incredibly fluid business which is constantly changing. Ensuring that our clients and candidates are kept up to date and sharing that market knowledge is vital.

We bring clients and candidates together, but that is only the start. The broking begins as the process moves forward. The path to that conclusion doesn’t always run smooth, but we are experts in making it work for both parties and getting deals done that benefit both parties in the long term.

Projects and Contingent

Handpick from our exclusive list of premium candidates.

Capital Introductions

Connecting companies with investors.

Market Intelligence

Bespoke research and competitor analysis through market intelligence.

Global Executive Search Agency

Highly confidential, exclusive and in-depth search for the premium candidate.


A global recruitment and Executive Search Agency based in London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

We are at the forefront of Financial Technology, Electronic Trading, Financial Information, Index Providers, Risk Management Software, Passive Fund Management, Independent Research, and Market Data.

We don’t simply sign contracts, we establish personal, long-term connections that will lead to fast-growing businesses.


What Makes Us Different: Recruitment Experts

Passion and

We are truly passionate about Data, ESG and the markets

Commitment to

Diverse partnership, with a female co-founder and women occupying 60% of our firm

Rich Market

We continually invest in market knowledge, i.e. ESG course


We get things done, correctly and the first time around — in record time


The Numbers Speak for Themselves:

We are proud of our highly competitive success rate over all the years.

“I could always trust that I would receive intelligent career advice that sometimes even forced me to consider opportunities I wouldn’t necessarily have thought I would have been a good fit for. However, I could always trust that Lucy would only put me forward for an opportunity if she was confident that I had the skills and character to do well in that role. They often also were able to make clients look at candidates in a different light. Lucy always took my long-term career seriously. CityExec has a deep understanding of people, and they are able to unleash people’s potential.” –