Driving Diversity and Inclusion

Advocating for Change and Passionate About Our Clients’ Success in D&I


Leading organisations at the forefront of our industry understand that D&I strategies are integral to being a preferred employer.

It also holds several considerable benefits to any company.

As well as having a solid impact on talent, having a leading D&I strategy has a demonstrated impact on financial goals, shows an ambition to service clients better and creates a culture for the future. These aspects are proven to be deeply linked to a robust D&I Strategy and therefore need to be a consistent part of our journey with our clients.

As pioneers in the Fintech data and research industry and at the forefront of search in this space, we make it our commitment daily to advise and support clients in key D&I areas.

Our approach

Our Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Include

  • Promoting change and consulting on strategies to execute change.
    Commitment to hiring and working on reliable strategies for diverse talent pools.
  • Helping develop and promote inclusive leaders in the industry through our executive search process.
  • Creating talent networks committed to the diversity and inclusion process.
    Adopting inclusive culture in our choice of client, candidate pool and shortlist.
  • Working with an unbiased talent process and coaching clients on the cultural change required to keep that bias through onboarding and future careers once onboarded.
  • Key strengths that make CityExec unique are a truly global perspective in adopting and coaching D&I and the changing landscape in international recruitment and culturally diverse global talent pools.

Our commitment

We hold the industry accountable for change daily, and with our leading diversity study published in 2017, we can be one of the first in our industry to push for change in this area.

We are committed to our industry being at the forefront globally in this space, and as leading headhunters, we are responsible for creating D&I industry-wide benchmarks.