Contingent Recruitment: Getting the Right Candidate
in Fast


Gain Access to Our Exclusive Candidate Pool

Tactical, Un-Retained, Multi-Agency Search Charged On Completion of the Mandate

If you need someone yesterday, but don’t want to go through the lengthy
recruitment process, our contingent recruitment methodology is for you.

Your time is money. You no longer have to waste it answering calls from recruiters and combing through a sea of candidates. When you get a call from us, you know you have to sit down because it will be big.


Hand-Pick From Our Curated Client List

We have an exclusive pool of fully researched, relevant candidates within the fintech, data sales and risk solutions universe. Assembled from our Executive Search methodology, these candidates have been hand-picked from across the globe to optimise our speed of execution while still only presenting you with quality candidates.

These candidates have been individually headhunted and our list has been built up and fuelled by our twenty-four years in the industry.

We don’t advertise roles. We pick from our curated list of candidates and provide clients with an exceptional shortlist in record time.


Our Contingent Results


Headcount grew by 41% from 85 to 120 in 18 months


Subsequent sales performance grew by 40% over 18 months